by Janis Moskowitz

It’s 7:00 AM.  I wake up with only one reason to get out of bed on this frigid, cold, wintry day. It’s to see if Redgi made it through the night.  Redgi, a house finch with a red breast, now my permanent house guest, perches himself on my outside light right outside my kitchen door every night. He leaves every morning only to return about 6:00 PM.


Named by me, he has become not only a creature of the wild but a somewhat kind of special “pet” with a connection to my heart. I look forward to seeing him return just to know that he made it through the day safely.  Each night, I leave the light on for him thinking it will keep him warm.  I open the door and greet him and even when he is turned away, he turns to face me to greet me as well.  That moment brings me such Joy!

I have left bird food for Redgi and all the flying creatures of the wild who struggle during these very cold days.  In the morning when I check his perch to see if he has gone for the day, I see many other of his friends of all different colors, nourishing themselves, one by one, taking turns.  I notice how polite each is as they participate in their morning feast, waiting for their turn.  It is interesting observation and warms my heart to know that wildlife has that kind of gentleness.
It has been a wonderful experience to notice the colors, the shape of Redgi as he perches on his light, the movements, the momentary interaction that is so cherished.  To open myself to a world that I did not appreciate has enriched me. It has given me comfort to know that I am providing warmth and nourishment to a world outside myself while sensing the true blessing of being so connected to the world.
What makes this very special is that I have found a new appreciation for something I did not have.  I have opened my heart just noticing the moments that have entered my life.

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