Mindfulness through Poetry & Story

Poems and stories allow us to deeply connect with ourselves and with our world. They inspire us, guide us, and teach us.  When we listen to stories and poetry, we see the world from a new vantage point and begin to value our lives as part of a shared humanity.

Taking time to hear story and poetry in this spacious way gives us time to open to meaning and insight. It naturally brings about compassion for ourselves and others. trail-2b288693-92cd-4c6d-8338-067fe99e515f

As story and poetry become a container for our practice, it helps us:

  • tune in to our inner, intuitive voice of wisdom.
  • explore life beneath the surface of the mundane.
  • take personal time for rejuvenation and reinvention.
  • explore why we meditate.
  • find ways to sustain and deepen an ongoing practice.

Schedule: We’ll start with a very short introduction to mindfulness followed by a story or poem which we’ll use as inspiration and a container for practice. There will be time for journal writing and a 20 minute meditation. You’re welcome to share about your experience, but only if you choose to do so. 

Spring 2023 sessions

Coming soon. Dates to be announced.

NOTE: These are individual, stand-alone sessions. No previous experience with mindfulness or meditation is necessary.

Location: Live online via Zoom

Cost:  In the spirit of generosity these sessions are offered for free.
Donations are welcome. (see PayPal link below)

These sessions are offered free in a spirit of generosity in these challenging times. However, donations are welcome.