Mindfulness and Dementia

I see the tall pine trees, the fleck of color, a cardinal. It makes me think of my aunt, a bird watcher all her life. I remember the simple things. I remember sitting by her kitchen window with the bird feeder right outside. She knew all their names. I never paid close attention. I knew the common ones, sure, but not much more.

My aunt lived in that house for over 70 years until, at some point, moving into a nursing home became the best option. No more bird feeder. No words then either as dementia took hold. Visiting became difficult. I was always ensconced in the past, thinking of what had been, thinking of the loss.

One day I realized the staff was putting out bread for the geese. I took my aunt to the window where she could see the geese strutting around, arguing, dancing, talking and laughing. Such a mundane thing. No one else even noticed. Something happened though. My mind let go of, “I wish life was different”. Instead I moved into being right there in that one, precious moment. Just life as it was. Nothing else. We were together and joy came back into both our eyes.



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One Comment on “Mindfulness and Dementia

  1. Jean I loved the imagery of observing the geese feeding…and remembered personal occasions of “seeing without talk”. It is a rare and lovely moment when I’ve managed that with another person present.


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