Be Still

In a moment of deep despair
In a moment of conflict
In a moment of joy and celebration
In a moment of frustration
In a moment of anxiety

Be still
Watch closely
Be curious
See clearly
Listen deeply
Respect the wisdom of the body

Bring acceptance
Make space
Give up the struggle
Trust inner truth
Honor the fullness of the experience
Open to all no matter how painful
Make room for whatever emerges

If judgments come that seem to define the moment,
Let judgmental thoughts come and go
Stop struggling against thoughts
Notice rigid concepts
Notice blaming and shaming
Remember that thoughts are just thoughts

Acknowledge, respect, and honor all needs
Take active steps to move in the direction of deepest longing

4 Comments on “Be Still

  1. Some lovely small lines if this poem are perfect “in the moment” affirmations
    Thanks for the gift


  2. Be Still reminds me of my Grandma, Mattie Mae, visiting with her brother my Uncle Lou

    Silent Orators: Compassionate Presence

    Common blood
    Different and shared
    Journeys hard
    Each loving the other
    Looking forward to their visit
    Sitting together in peace…
    eyes meet
    an occasional smile
    No need for…
    a thought without destination
    a word without meaning
    a sound to interrupt a pause
    a restless movement
    a summary phrase without feeling
    a promise without intention
    a friendship without honesty
    a gift in lieu of kind deeds

    At ninety
    Comfortable with sensory silence…
    listening without sound
    speaking without voice
    Silently connecting



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