Difficulty Sleeping


How mindfulness changed my Sleep: focus groups with chronic insomnia patients.

Participants said they were sleeping better, waking more refreshed, feeling less distressed about insomnia, and better able to cope when it occurred…The body scan was identified as an effective tool to enable falling asleep faster…First-person accounts are consistent with published trial results of positive impacts of MBSR on sleep measured by sleep diary, actigraphy, and self-report sleep scales.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction versus pharmacotherapy for primary chronic insomnia: a randomized controlled clinical trial.
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This study provides initial evidence for the efficacy of MBSR as a viable treatment for chronic insomnia as measured by sleep diary, actigraphy, well-validated sleep scales, and measures of remission and clinical recovery…All standardized sleep scales showed large, statistically significant improvements from before MBSR to all follow – ups.

The efficacy of mindfulness-based stress reduction in the treatment of sleep disturbance in women with breast cancer. An exploratory study.

Conclusion: MBSR appears to be a promising intervention to improve the quality of sleep in woman with breast cancer whose sleep complaints are due to stress.

Impact of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) on Sleep, Mood, Stress and Fatigue Symptoms in Cancer Outpatients

This study examined the effects of an 8-week Mindfulness-Based StressReduction (MBSR) program on the sleep quality of a heterogeneous sample of 63 cancer patients. Overall sleep disturbance was significantly reduced (p < .001) and participants reported that their sleep quality had improved (p < .001). There was also a significant reduction in stress (p < .001), mood disturbance (p = .001), and fatigue (p< .001).

The effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction on sleep disturbance: a systematic review.

To date, controlled studies have not clearly demonstrated the positive effects of MBSR on sleep quality and duration. However, there is some evidence to suggest that increased practice of mindfulness techniques is associated with improved sleep and that MBSR participants experience a decrease in sleep-interfering cognitive processes (eg, worry).


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