Anxiety and Depression

The Effect of Mindfulness-Based Therapy on Anxiety and Depression: A Meta-Analytic Review.  

Stefan G. Hofmann, Alice T. Sawyer, Ashley A. Witt, and Diana Oh,  Journal of Consulting Clinical Psychology. 2010 April; 78(2): 169–183.

Conclusion: These results suggest that mindfulness-based therapy is a promising intervention for treating anxiety and mood problems in clinical populations.

Mindfulness- and acceptance-based interventions for anxiety disorders: A systematic review and meta-analysis.

Vollestad, J., Jeilsen, M.B. & Nielsen, G.H., British Journal of Clinical Psychology, 51:3, September 2012, p. 239-260.

Conclusions: Mindfulness and acceptance-based interventions are associated with robust and substantial reductions in symptoms of anxiety and comorbid depressive symptoms.  More research is needed to determine the efficacy of mindfulness and acceptance-based interventions relative to current treatments of choice, and to clarify the contribution of processes of mindfulness and acceptance to observed outcome.


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