Mindful Movement Meditations

Remember: Only do movement that is within your own individual capabilities. If you think that any movement may be too much for you for any reason, do not do it.

Click to play these recordings on your phone, tablet or lap top:

Standing Yoga

Floor Yoga

Follow the directions below to download these recordings if you wish to play them when access to the net is not available:

Standing Yoga

Floor Yoga

If you are using a PC:
Right click on the Download link above,
Then choose (depending on your browser): “Save target as…”, “Save link as…” or “Download linked file as…” 

If you are using a Mac:
Hold your cursor over the Download link above,
Hold down the Control key
Then click (depending on your browser): “Download linked file as…” or “Save link as…”

For any other electronic device:
Download it to your computer first and then transfer it over .

Tips for mindful movement practice

• Whatever your experience, just bring awareness to it.
• Maintain an attitude of openness and curiosity.
• Meet each experience with acceptance.
• Maintain a discipline of regular practice with an attitude of self-kindness.
• Notice expectations, thoughts, judgments – they are all in the realm of thought – just let them be.
• Remember your intention and why you are persevering with this.

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