Body Scan recorded by Jane Mayers

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Introduction to the Body Scan

This is a recording of a mindful body scan. This is a time for simply being just as you are, without criticizing, judging, wishing or trying to change the experience in any way. The purpose of the body scan is to further awareness of body sensations. The purpose is not to generate relaxation. There is no expectation that you will feel relaxed during or after the body scan. If you happen to feel relaxed this is not a “better” body scan than other times when you don’t feel relaxed. Simply bring awareness to whatever is happening, relaxation or no relaxation.

The body scan is an opportunity to connect to the body, this marvelous sensing instrument that can bring you closer to yourself, to the world, and to others. This practice is a time for gentle exploration of each present moment. You can begin to notice what feels good, what you withdraw from, when you tense up, and when you can give yourself space.

You may listen to this recording either sitting or lying down but it is not meant to be used for going to sleep. If you find that you consistently doze off while using this recording, you may want to change the time of day you use it and sit or stand instead of lying down. It is also best not to use this recording lying on your bed since that will give you cues for falling asleep.