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As you move through your day, what do you observe happening around you that embodies mindfulness in action? Share a brief snapshot. Make a submission now.

Gardening by Jane Mayers

With the change of seasons, I’ve been noting how things are changing, morning by morning. In my garden, over the summer, I had an abundance of tall Rudbeckia, (Black-eyed Susans) which took over the garden. It was beautiful and looked like a sea of yellow. Within the last two weeks the flowers had gone over their peak and died. It wasn’t very pretty. So I spent an afternoon cutting away the stems and it transformed the garden because I could see what was hiding underneath: the lavender blue Salvia, red and yellow Dahlia, pink Autumn Joy Sedum. All the hardy Fall flowers were emerging. There was also an awareness that, for the ones left, these too will be short lived. Soon they’ll be gone and I’ll be clearing the garden for next year. This echoed for me the beginnings and endings of all things in life and the need to not take anything for granted.

Where have you seen mindfulness in action? We’ll post your stories here or in our next newsletter (with your permission).

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