Short Courses

See our Schedule page for information on current courses.

Below is a sample of possible topic areas for workshops that can be developed to meet your special needs.

Humanizing the Workplace
Cultivating compassion and connection with mindfulness-based communication

Mindfulness-Based Self-Care
Development of self awareness skills

Mindfulness-Based Communication Skills
Expressing your needs in ways likely to get them met.

Compassion Fatigue
Mindfulness skills specific to the relationship between clinician and patient

Teacher Burn Out
Mindfulness skills specific to classroom teacher’s interaction with the work environment and in their personal lives.

Developing a grateful outlook
In the midst of difficulties, appreciating the blessings in life

Anger & Conflict-Mindfulness in Challenging Situations
Really listening to others in challenging situations
Finding shared humanity with people we find difficult
Some concepts from Nonviolent Communication (NVC) are included.

Building Supportive Communities in the Work Environment
Effective interactions with coworkers
Giving and receiving support

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