Mindful Connections

These times are challenging. We need to support each other.

Mindfulness practice can be isolating if we think of it as only sitting separately in our own rooms. So we’ve decided to create a space where we can join together to share our beautiful, funny, inspiring mindful moments as well as our practice-related confusions and difficulties.

We want to be more tuned in and noticing lovely mindful moments that happen in the midst of our lives rather than falling into the habit of bracing for the next difficulty.

Therefore we’re inviting you to participate with us by sending us short pieces that fit within the following categories. We’ll share a selection of your submissions on our website or in our newsletter (with your permission).

Fruit of the Practice Moments

How is your practice affecting your life? Write a brief paragraph about a moment where you saw your practice making a difference for you and those around you. More

Mindful Stories

As you move through your day, what do you observe happening around you that embodies mindfulness in action? Share a brief snapshot. More


What’s come up related to your mindfulness practice that’s confusing or difficult? Let us know and we’ll briefly respond or give you a resource for more info. More

Drinking tea mindfully
How is your practice going?

Tell us about your practice. Are there celebrations or challenges? Share a few sentences about one of the two. More

Be Creative.

Share an original photograph, painting, drawing or poem that speaks to mindfulness in the midst of your life. Let your creative energy emerge. More

Videos, podcasts, books or poems.

What have you been listening to, watching or reading that clarifies your practice or provides insight about your mindfulness practice? Share a short review. More

Join in the fun now. This won’t happen without your contributions.

Follow the links above to read and comment on submissions. Your offering may also appear in our next newsletter (with your permission).

Let’s make something beautiful together.