Mindful Connections

Be creative

Share an original photograph, painting, drawing or poem that speaks to mindfulness in the midst of your life. Let your creative energy emerge. Make a submission now.

These are from my project “Night”. I find night to be a peaceful time, in which the details of the day are softened, leaving the quiet light of the stars and moon. At this time, I can feel the dampness of the earth and the coolness of the night air. Simplicity emerges and I connect to a feeling of groundedness.

The third photograph is rain and mist photographed through my truck’s headlights on a blustery night. I love strong weather! Rachel Mackow

A flash of color

Now you see it

Now you don’t

Photographing hummingbirds is an exercise in futility. I love to watch them hover and flit around, but trying to capture this with my camera and thinking that anything more than an empty picture will emerge from my efforts is wishful thinking. However, when I’m persistent and simply enjoying the show, all of a sudden I’m able to catch one beautiful, amazing moment in time.

Are you creative? Share your original work with us and we’ll post it here or in our newsletter (with your permission).

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